Intuition Innenschuh Pro Tour Mid Volume Price: 198,00 (as of 18/03/2020 07:58 PST- Details)

leicht und komfortabel

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PRO TOUR liners are best for back-country, tele, and touring applications. A lace up, tongue style liner available un…xx0xx>> Volumes: HV (High Volume, thickest), MV (Mittel Volume), and LV (Low Volume, thinnest), to accommodate a range of shell fits. Behauptung dual-density, bekömmlich weight liners feature a softer flexing lay-up, and a roomy toe box for maximum comfort on long tours. The strategic rear panel increases range of motion for tour-ability while alternate tongues and the supple cuff offer solid support and responsiveness, enhancing performance both ascending and descending.

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