CCM Tacks Senior Goalie Skates Price: 319,95 (as of 19/03/2020 00:39 PST- Details)


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The CCM Tacks goalie skate welches built with the intenton of giving goalies a skate that is tailored to their specific needs. That is, a firmly constructed skate that helps generate power in their strides and T-pushes. It als Folge allows them to flex lower un…their static stance and provides excellent comfort and support for their positioning and stance
Quarter PackagePower Qualität texturized composite – Metallic Mesh
CoreHeat-moldable T-Qualität core
LinerTotalDri Liner – High performance moisture-wicking material keeps feet dry and skates light
Boot CollarAsymmetric Winkelschleifer stance contour 
TongueMulti-Layer D30 tongue with lace-bite protection
Pad StrapTacks Heel strap allows the goalie pads to stand higher up on the legs 
Ankle PaddingMulti-Density memory foam 
MidsoleLightweight composite midsole for enhanced power transfer platform for blade to boot interface
FootbedAir Gartenanlage footbed
CowlingProlite LO-Curve – Abseitsposition leicht cowling with low-rim design, carbon composite inserts and highly reinforced toe and blade area to protect goalie and skate
RunnerProlite G Black – High performance blade with oxide treatment for a longer edge life and a greater resistance to corrosion

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