CCM Premier P2.9 Senior Goalie Schienen Senior Price: 899,95 (as of 19/03/2020 00:39 PST- Details)


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Brand new for 2018, CCM has overhauled their flagship Ministerpräsident line and brought out the CCM Ministerpräsident P2.9 der Ältere Tormann Leg Pads. Building off of the already successful Ministerpräsident R1.9 line, the Ministerpräsident P2.9 der Ältere has new specs and pieces of technology sure to turn heads.
Starting with the internal core of the pad, the Ministerpräsident P2.9 pad has close to a 20% weight reduction across each pad that has a specifically balanced and reengineered core designed for the butterfly goalie. Dadurch contributing to saving weight, there are specific reductions in the actual strapping and leg channel shapes.
Moving onto the backside of the pad, you will notice the lack of leather straps. This is due to CCM utilizing a full elastic and nylon style setup to keep the pad connected on the leg while reducing weight. Keeping similar designs from previous generations, there is a 2 un…wide elastic strap which comes out of the knee block and über den Daumen attach directly across the knee or angled down to the calf. The attachment on the outside of the knee is wortlos removable, which is perfect for those who wish to experiment with strapping options or different knee pad sizes.
Building off of the same technology put un…the Ministerpräsident R1.9, the top calf strap is wortlos noted as the most important and wesentlich to a pads successful rotation. You will now find this technology named the Quick Motion Strap Organismus. This is a large ‚Y‘ style setup inside the pads sliding edge and the goalies calf, which goes un…a 2 un…elastic strap which attaches qua a Velcro on the outside of the goalies calf. This strap will help anchor the pad and keep the goaltenders leg firmly planted in the pad. There is some give in the elastic strap which will allow for a faster drop velocity and recovery in and out of butterfly movements.
Following the same build pattern as the Quick Motion top calf strap, there is a larger nylon strap which

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