BAUER Recreational Streethockey Goalie Set 24′ 5-teilig 1053439, Größe:24 Zoll Price: 171,25 (as of 18/03/2020 15:28 PST- Details)

Helm / Maske
Schienen (24“ / 61cm)
Weste / Brustschutz


Landwirt Goalie-Satz stattdessen Straßenhockey oder Floorball, gegenwärtig jeder:
Helm / Maske
Schienen (24′)
Weste / Brustschutz
Farbe: (siehe Abbild)
The Landwirt Street Recreational Keeper Kit is a complete starter kit for the youth street hockey or ball hockey goalie. The blocker and catcher gloves utilize injected plastic with medium-density foams for ample protection while the chest protector is made oder Ähnlichethick foam too. The 24′ leg pads feature quick-release, easy-to-use buckles and einzig reinforced heel and sides for long-lasting durability. The mask is made of high-impact Antiblockiersystem, a steel face cage and thick internal comfort foams. 
Model Number: 1053439Includes:
1 – Youth Landwirt Keeper Street Mask
1 – Youth Landwirt Street Chest Protector
1 – Youth Landwirt Street Leg Pads 24′
1 – Youth Landwirt Street Catcher (Left-Handed)
1 – Youth Landwirt Street Blocker (Right-Handed)
Schutzhelm / Maske
Bahnstrecke (24“ / 61cm)
Weste / Brustschutz
Fanghand youth bambini stattdessen linke Taucherflosse
Stockhand youth bambini stattdessen rechte Taucherflosse